“Excellent – a valuable and enjoyable two-day experience.” What more can you say about any training workshop?

Training is an important part of The Innovation Zone portfolio. I believe that success lies in a subtle blend of content and style. Of course, content is very important in anything. However, when it comes to training, style is every bit as important perhaps even more so. It’s style that gets people to “Wow, I can’t wait to get started!” It is the combination of great content delivered with real style that turns training into an experience. That in turn ensures that people actually apply what they learnt. Everyone wins. The individuals feel that they have had a productive and enjoyable time. And the organisation gets a strong return on its development spend.

I fervently believe that everything I do should be great fun as well as very productive. So I make sure that every event I run is a real experience. We work hard and we enjoy ourselves as well. I provide variety and I get people to think for themselves. Together, we demonstrate time and time again that there is an enormous latent talent inside everyone. Confidence and desire are the keys that unlock this treasure chest.

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