Strategy provides overall direction to an organisation. It describes your Vision, your Purpose, your Mission, Key Success Indicators, and the Overall Outcome you desire. In short, strategy indicates what is relevant and important… and what is not! It is therefore imperative that innovation be one of the central parts of the strategy in an Innovation Organisation.

I can help you:

  • Create a strategy for the organisation from scratch, one that clarifies the major imperatives and has innovation at its heart.
  • Remodel an existing strategy to bring the important contribution that innovation can make into sharp focus.
  • Create a strategy for innovation within the overall strategy for the organisation.
  • Convert strategy into actionable plans so that everyone in the organisation knows what needs to be done.
  • Help to create a projects environment that will support the successful implementation of these action plans.
  • Communicate the strategy to the rest of the organisation.

As a result, you will place innovation on a strategic footing, get innovation onto everyone’s agenda, and create a situation where people understand the importance of innovation and feel engaged and committed.