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Robust is: going your own way!

“Yo! Hero!”

“Yo! Hero!” only louder this time, and followed by a series of high-pitched whistles. But Hero had more important things on his mind and continued on his errant direction, much to the frustration of Mr McLennan, the shepherd, and the complete amusement of the watching crowd.

The occasion was the annual Sheep Dog Trials at […]

On the importance of being robust

Robust is a wonderful word – it comes from the Latin ‘robustus’ meaning ‘firm and hard’ which, in turn, derives from ‘robus’ meaning ‘oak or strength’. When applied to a person, an animal or a thing, it makes us think of something strong and sturdy, especially with regard to physique or construction. When applied to […]

Robust is: acting invulnerable!

The taxi careered at breakneck speed through the narrow back-streets of the City of London until a red light halted our progress. As we waited for the lights to change, the driver revved his engine – clearly a tactic for making the lights change quicker! Then the amber joined the red and we took off […]

Robust is: ignoring the dinosaurs!

Terry had just joined a motoring organisation. His job was to look after his part of a large fleet of leased vehicles. This was a job that he had done before for a similar organisation – so he hit the ground running. The first thing that caught his attention was the fact that the vehicles […]