The way people think in an organisation is governed by a set of rules that become established over a period of time. These rules indicate what thinking is appropriate and supportive of the organisation, and what is not. They are rarely explicit but no less powerful for that. Initially, these rules protect the organisation. Latterly, however, some can become outmoded, encouraging behaviour that is no longer constructive or desirable. In addition, as these rules tend to embody conventional wisdom and protect the status quo, they can stand in the way of change, innovation and progress. We must therefore adopt different ways of thinking if we are going to create an Innovation Organisation.

I can help you:

  • Expose the current set of rules for your organisation.
  • Challenge and modify the rule set to support the direction you intend to take.
  • Enable the entire organisation to think in more flexible ways.

As a result, your organisation will be able to embrace changes in the outside world more readily and more rapidly. You can gain a position of competitive advantage by leading the change process rather than following it.