Individuals’ ability to innovate is critical to long-term success in creating and maintaining an Innovation Organisation. This is generally much less to do with developing capability and far more to do with liberating it. There is an enormous latent talent for innovation and creativity inside every one of us. We just need to let it out and develop the courage and confidence to use it. Then, anything is possible. The limits lie only in our imagination.

I can help you:

  • Encourage your people to behave more innovatively, using the I2Q (Individual Innovation Quotient) to highlight specific attributes. Click here to find out more about the I2Q
  • Introduce the Rapid Innovation process so that everyone can develop great new perspectives on any challenge or problem, with anybody, any place, any time, with no preparation… and all this in less than 30 minutes.
  • Apply Accelerated Learning techniques to ensure that skills and knowledge are applied effectively.
  • Create an environment where people look constantly to lift their capability and share what they have learnt.

As a result, you will find that your organisation is bursting with great new ideas and, more importantly, that the best ones are being implemented.