Momentum is crucially important in the process of establishing an Innovation Organisation. Beginnings are important. This is a time when we are making judgements about what is to follow. If we are favourably disposed in the first instance, we will generally stick with it. So, there is a pressing need to get lots of momentum behind innovation in the early days. There is then an ongoing need to maintain momentum to ensure that innovation does indeed become a way of life.

I can help you:

  • Mobilise innovation teams to ensure they deliver early success and business benefit.
  • Facilitate teams to achieve specific outcomes.
  • Makeover some of your key meetings to signal that you truly intend to change.
  • Find new ways to celebrate success (and failure) so that people are recognised for their contribution.
  • Facilitate large-scale events to communicate activity, focus effort and celebrate results.
  • Determine the best way forward once you have accomplished your initial goals.

As a result, you will find yourselves in the best possible shape to take the whole process forward and ensure that you get the maximum return on your initial investment. You will then be on your way to establishing an Innovation Organisation.