I have written a series of publications to support the creation of an Innovation Organisation, and there are more in the pipeline.

  • “Rapid Innovation” supports the workshop of the same name and provides practical guidance on the 10 principles and 10 steps that underpin the process.
  • “Innovation Trade Secrets” is a collection of stories about ‘ordinary’ people doing extraordinary things, demonstrating that we can all innovate, if the desire is present.
  • “Welcome to the Innovation Zone!” is a recipe book for successful innovation. It explains the entire innovation process, describes some of the most powerful tools you might use and provides an insight into other people’s experiences. And there are brain breaks between each chapter so you can enjoy yourself as well as learn.
  • “The Universal Checklist” demonstrates, in very practical terms, how to get the very best out of any interaction with another person. It began as a way of indicating how to go about selling an idea but quickly turned into something with a much wider application.
  • “Team-based Project Management” is a handbook that offers a simple and practical approach to setting up, running and completing projects. It applies to projects of all types, not just those that have an innovation bias.

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