Infrastructure represents all those things that exist, not for themselves, but as a means of creating and maintaining an Innovation Organisation. They are the foundations for sustainable, long-term success – the healthy bones that support the healthy body. The key is to establish a position of self-sufficiency. It’s fine to get external assistance to get started and to provide ad hoc support in the future. You should never, however, find yourself depending on external resource.

I can help you:

  • Design and implement a mechanism for managing ideas.
  • Introduce a standard project management approach.
  • Train a pool of internal Facilitators.
  • Design and create a variety of innovation resources.
  • Build physical innovation zones.
  • Create effective communication mechanisms.
  • Establish appropriate measurement and recognition systems.

As a result, you will quickly establish a position of complete self-sufficiency, eliminate the need for external support, and be able to develop your infrastructure further as your needs evolve.